Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Program uses GSM module GL865 for sending and receiving SMS.
The scenario of this experiment is as follows:
User can interrogate the EasyPIC v7 development board via SMS, and receive
the status situation of the motherboard.
Port RD0 and RD1 are used to control two Fans and port RA0 is used to
measure the temperature of LM35 sensor.
In this article we will talk about DS1307, created by the Maxim company. This IC (Integrated Circuit) could help as, when we want to know what time is it. Interesting fact is that we have added a set functions to this clock. At the core of this experiment, will be the PIC16F876A.
In the current article I intend to display the measured distance, between sensor and some object, on the LCD with 2x16 characters.
If I succeeded or not, you will find only if you will hit the " more" link. more.